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 Why you need a Financial Advisor 

Why You Need Financial Adviser- a Guide to Financial Planning, Investments, Insurance and Superannuation AdvisoryWhether you're a millionaire or a member of the middle class, chances are you never got much instruction in managing your money. 

This  book guide should help you make a more informed decision in selecting an adviser; managing your investments and reirement - after all, you and your family’s financial future depends on it.


Financial Planning for High Networth Clients

Financial Planning for High Net Worth InvestorsA high net worth individual(HNWI) is a person with a high net worth.

High net worth clients have unique issues that they need to consider in their planning.

Gain critical insight for unique challenges and opportunities that wealthy families face when building wealth for multiple generations.


How to Buy a Property with Your Superannuation

Smart Superannuation strategiesClients ask us how to buy property in superannuation.  

Superannuation is still the most tax-effective way to save for your retirement. This ebook explains how to Buy residential property in super using SMSF strategies and shows you how you can be super smart and get the most out of your superannuation savings.


Smart Strategies for Using Debt 

smart strategies using debtManaging your money effectively is about knowing all of your options and understanding the strategies that are right for you. In this booklet you will find nine strategies proven to be highly effective in helping people making the most of debt.

Speak to a financial adviser to see which of these strategies best suit your needs.


How to Transfer Your UK Pension to Australia 

How to Transfer Your UK Pension to AustraliaDo you hold a UK Pension? Are you thinking about having it transferred to Australia?

Every year, thousands of people set up a new home in Australia. Some are retired or nearing retirement, and some need to find a way to continue earning a living once they’ve moved. They all have different needs in terms of investments, pensions, inheritance and tax planning. 


How to Buy and Operate a Business 

How to Buy, Own and Operate Your Business - Business AdvisoryBusiness success research proves that most businesses do not survive for more than three years after inception due to poor business selections at the outset. 

You will find detailed information on: owing your own business, buying an existing business, buying a business franchise, starting a home-based business, managing cash flow, hiring the right staff, and succession planning.


How to Buy 1000 Properties with $1000

How to Buy 1000 Properties with $1000 - a Guide to Investment Real Estate Managed FundsYou probably know that in order to reach your financial goals you need to invest but you may be at a loss as to where to begin. You may think that investing is a complicated process that requires you to know a complex mix of investment jargon and calculus-like mathematics. You may even believe that investing will cost you a lot of money.



A Guide to Estate Planning 

A Guide to Estate PlanningEstate planning is a crucial component of your total financial plan, and a necessary part of your total financial plan. Estate planning can help protect both your assets and your family’s future from the unexpected, but very possible, effects of legal action.

We have written this eBook to help you start the process of getting your estate planning in order.


 Islamic Finance and Islamic Financial Planning 

Islamic Financial Planning - A Guide to Muslim Finance, Islamic Financial Planning and what this means for Australian InvestorsIslamic financial markets have contributed to huge growth in Islamic economies during the last decade. Much of this growth stems from the markets independence and flexible socio-cultural system, and because of these and other key factors, investors are becoming increasingly interested in them. Islamic financial planning can be a useful tool in managing wealth for those  people like you and me.


Business Succession Planning 

Business Succession Planning at iMoney Wealth ManagementA business succession plan is crucial if you wish to make a conscious decision and have an impact on the course of your business when you are no longer the key decision maker for the business. It is paramount to ensure a smooth transition from one administration to the next in order to maintain sound continuity of the businesses policies and strategies which have proven successful.  


Thinking about Self Managed Super 

Thinking About SMSF - an introduction to DYI superannuation for Australian investors and retirement advisorsThe Australian Tax Office has produced this high quality and easy to understand publication aimed at helping you consider whether to set up a self managed superannuation fund or not.

The Australian Tax Office has produced this high quality and easy to understand publication aimed at helping you understand if it is beneficial to set up a self managed superannuation fund.


Setting Up a Self Managed Super Fund 

Setting up SMSF superannuation fundSetting up and operating your own self-managed super fund (SMSF) is a major financial decision. It can have its advantages, but it is not for everybody. After all, the responsibility for running the fund and complying with the law rests solely with you as trustees. The ATO has produced this publication aimed at helping you understand how to set up a self managed superannuation fund.


Running a Self Managed Super Fund 

How to run SMSF - a special guide on how to run DYI superannuation fundsSelf-managed super funds (SMSFs) are now the largest and fastest growing segment of the super industry. The Australian Tax Office has produced this ublication aimed at helping you understand how to run a self managed superannuation fund. There are many rules and regulations in the various laws that govern super that are designed to protect your retirement income. 


Financial Planning for Same Sex Couples 

Gay and Lesbian Financial PlanningSame Sex couples are now entitled to the same legal rights as heterosexual de facto couples. Same sex couples have unique financial planning issues and challenges to contend with. 

This ebook has been written specifically to explain some of these financial planning issues.



Self Managed Super Funds and you 

  Self Managed Super Funds and you

A self managed super fund can be a powerful way to save for retirement. This guide by Vanguard Investments explains the pros and cons of self managed super funds and how to go about setting up your own fund.



DYI Super Fund Check List

DYI superannuation Check list  for SMSF investors and trusteesThis handy checklist by Vanguard Investments is designed to help you quickly run your eye over some important administrative aspects of yourself managed super fund. However, it is only a short list of ‘reminders’ and does not address every aspect of managing your fund. You cannot – and should not – use this list alone to determine if your fund is complying with the super rules.


Smart Strategies for Maximising Retirement Income 

Smart Superannuation Strategies to Maximise Retirement IncomeWe recognise retirement means different things to different people.  Smart strategies for maximising retirement income booklet outlines eight potentially powerful strategies involving income stream investments that could be used in the lead-up to, and during your retirement.

Speak to a financial adviser to see which of these strategies best suit your needs.


What are Managed Funds?

Managed FundsManaged funds provide a cost-effective way for investors, large and small, to access a diversified mix of investments in a professionally managed package. This guide by Vanguard Investments explains how managed funds work.

Speak to a financial adviser to see which of the funds best suit your needs.


Investing for Income 

Investing for Income - Investment Planning Strategies for Ordinary InvestorsThis guide by Vanguard Investments explains how you can generate income through investing.

It explains the different types of income investments, factors impacting their returns and the importance of tax.



Building your investment portfolio 

Building your investment portfolioThis guide by Vanguard Investments explores the most important aspects of building an investment portfolio from the ground up. It covers asset allocation, implementation, rebalancing and reviewing your investment strategy.




 Superannuation Strategies

Superannuation StrategiesThis guide by Vanguard Investments offers some strategies for maximising your super. It also explains the new super rules, types of super contributions, tax and when you can access your super.




 Realistic Sharemarket Expectations 

Realistic Sharemarket Expectations - A guide for investorsThis guide by Vanguard Investments examines the relationship between risk and reward over 50 years of sharemarket returns. It aims to help investors understand what is realistic to expect from their share investment.

Readers will gain critical insight for unique challenges and opportunities that investors face when building wealth.



 Transition to Retirement Pension 

Transition to RetirementLooking for early access to your super to supplement your income? Or more flexible work options? If you’re like many people in their 50s and aren’t yet ready to retire from the workforce, Transition to Retirement can offer you a range of benefits including:

Investing in Australian Aboriginal Art

Australian Aboriginal Art InvestingInvestment in Aboriginal art has been a financially rewarding activity for astute collectors. The beauty of investing in Aboriginal art is that you have the aesthetic pleasure of the work and the interest of the artist's culture as well as the possibility of a sound financial return.